Exocetus Delivers First MOD2 Glider to Johns Hopkins APL

Wallingford, CT, USA – 25 August 2018 – Exocetus Autonomous Systems delivered its first MOD2 Glider at the end of July to Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). Johns Hopkins APL purchased the vehicle as part of an internal research and development project which intends to explore a diverse set of applications for the vehicle.

“Johns Hopkins APL was looking for a vehicle that could provide endurance and easy modification, and the MOD2 Glider was the only vehicle out there that provided those capabilities,” said Joe Turner, the Exocetus COO & General Manager.

This delivery represents the culmination of two years of developments and improvements to the MOD2 Glider. Exocetus has been improving on its Coastal Glider, expanding the computing and electronics capability of the already proven system.

“This is a big step,” says Turner. “To deliver our first updated vehicle to such a technically competent and knowledgeable customer really speaks volumes for the technology, and provides us with insightful feedback to continue to improve the vehicle.”

Exocetus Autonomous Systems designs and produces open-platform autonomous underwater vehicles for commercial and research activities. The flagship MOD2 Glider, powered by a patented buoyancy engine, is uniquely capable in coastal environments where currents and salinity barriers inhibit other vehicles.

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